Atmospheric Effects

Atmospheric effects are any special effects that do not fall into the lighting/audio categories.  We have a wide range of options for you to chose from, and any of them can be included within one of packages or can be dry hired.

dancefloor bw.png

Bubble Machines

We have found bubble machines to be a very effective effect for wedding first dances, and can add a special touch to your first dance photos.

If you are having lots of children there, of course it goes without saying that they will absolutely love them too!

Powerful bubble machines and dual blower fans, meaning large quantities of bubbly fun for a number of different parties and events. Unleash hundreds of bubbles upon kids parties, weddings and marquee events for a fun-filled effect for everybody to enjoy!

Priced from £35 each

Dancefloor Starlit.jpg

Confetti Cannons

Bring your event to life with confetti cannons, that will both surprise and delight you and your guests.

It’s your first dance – the twinkling lights are shining like diamonds, the music begins to play. Then a burst of confetti from a confetti cannon fills the room.

Our CO2 confetti canons promise a spectacular cascade of amazing colour, and can be tailored to the effect you desire; whether it’s subtle shimmering showers or full-blown, glitter elegance!

We'll create a bespoke package that includes the firing system and cartridges in colours that will suit your wedding theme perfectly.

Packages from £50


Flame Machines

Another 'WOW factor' effect, our flame machines look great in almost any style of venue, or party.

On stages, sides of doors, corners of rooms, anywhere they look great. 

Complete with full colour RGBs this machine produces ever changing colours or can even be set to compliment your own colour scheme, which lights throughout the flame and reaching a height of 1.5m. These machines certainly make an impact!

And don't worry, of course they're not real flames, are cool to the touch, and safe to use anywhere.

Priced at £35 each

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.