Illuminated Signs

Our illuminated love signs are this years must have accessory, stunning and to the point, they make a fantastic room centrepiece, regardless of the style of your venue.

These are available all day if required, delivered, setup and collected.  They use LED , fairground starlight fittings, and run almost completely cold to the touch.  They can be dimmed later on in the evening for a more subtle effect.

We can supply 'LOVE', MR & MRS', birthday ages such as '21' or '40', or initials for example 'S & J'.  All combinations can be catered for your event, and can be illuminated in various colours. 

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

PRICE guide

Illuminated 'LOVE' Sign (optional heart) -  From £125
Illuminated 'MR & MRS' Sign - From £160
Illuminated Birthday Age Numbers (minimum 2 letters, eg '40') - From £125
Illuminated Initials (minimum 3, to include '&') - From £150

Prices are for guidance only, and may be subject to delivery or other additional charge.
All items are subject to availability.