Karaoke Add on

If you mention the very word 'karaoke' it can conjure up memories of naff bars in cheap holiday resorts.  We introduced it because we were receiving a surprising number of enquiries whereby the bride and groom's of forthcoming weddings could see that it could offer an extra level of interactivity for their evening's entertainment, and it offers great value for money too, especially considering the fun it provokes!

Normally we will combine karaoke with DJ'ing and try and establish a happy balance.  That said, whenever we've hosted karaoke evenings, it certainly proves surprisingly popular with the guests, and no doubt leaves some fun and lasting memories too (including for us!!)

We subscribe to the legal and huge Karafun online service, which hosts well over 25,000 songs, literally offering something for everyone!  A wifi connection at your venue is usually preferred, but we can manage without as long as this is mentioned prior to the event.

Our price for karaoke add-on is just £50.

All items are offered subject to availability.